MiniCat CT Scan

MiniCat CT Scan

CCENT has installed a Xoran MiniCAT™ scanner in our office to provide ENT specialized CT scanning services directly to our patients.

What is a CT Scan?

A CT scan – also called CT or computed tomography – is an X-ray technique that produces images of your body that visualize internal structures in cross section rather than the overlapping images typically produced by conventional X-ray exams.

A conventional X-ray is limited to a 2-D visualization. Diagnosis and treatment planning can require a more complete understanding of a complex 3-D anatomy. CT examinations provide a wealth of 3-D information that can be used when planning for sinus or ear surgery. CT scans provide a greater chance for precisely diagnosing conditions which can be missed a significant percentage of the time on conventional films. In a nutshell, the CT scan enhances your physician’s ability to see what he/she needs to see before treatment is started.

What is MiniCAT™?

The Xoran MiniCAT™ is a compact, upright volume computed tomography system designed for high-resolution bone window imaging of the sinuses, temporal bones and skull base. MiniCAT™ provides immediate access to images at the patient’s point-of-care, resulting in a faster diagnosis and treatment.

For the Patient

Our patients will enjoy the convenience of more-timely imaging, a faster diagnosis, and the ability to begin their treatment more quickly. MiniCAT™ has a lower radiation dose than conventional (full-body) CT, has a fast scan time (less than 20 seconds), and affords our patients the comfort of sitting upright in an open design, minimizing claustrophobia. Scans are administered by a Certified Radiologic Technologist skilled in the use of CT scanners to provide a high quality scan for the physician and a professional, safe and caring experience for the patient.

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