Services Overview

Services Overview

Central California’s complete family resource for ENT medical care. Our Ear Nose & Throat Specialists and Hearing Service Center are unmatched in quality and commitment to patient care.

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ENT Surgery Center

Welcome to the ENT Facial Surgery Center. This specialty specific center caters to the needs of the otolaryngologists and aesthetic plastic surgeons associated with Central California ENT Medical Group and the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Pavilion. Our unique atmosphere is designed for patient comfort and quality care. Our professional staff is dedicated to the needs of our patients and their families.


ENT Otolaryngology

Central California Ear Nose and Throat is a comprehensive service provider. Our full on-site ambulatory surgery center with Image-Guidance technology is a cornerstone to our broad otolaryngology support services. Add together our comprehensive services, facilities and excellent administrative management and you’ll see why CCENT is the only choice for your ENT care in the San Joaquin Valley.

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Pediatric ENT

Health problems from diseases of the tonsils and adenoids are among the most common problems in the pediatric population. Sore throats, upper respiratory infections and associated diseases of the ear account for the greatest number of visits in most pediatric practices.


Nasal & Allergy

An allergy is an exaggerated response to substances that, in most individuals, cause no difficulty. Allergy is a name given to the way your body reacts when it mistakes ordinarily harmless substances (like grass, tree or weed pollen) for something harmful.

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Sleep Disorders

Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, is a serious condition affecting more than twelve million Americans. This condition is due to blockage of air flow through the throat while sleeping.  OSA leads to decreased oxygen delivery to the body, termed oxygen desaturation.

Diagnostic Audiology

Our professional staff of Audiologists are all Doctors of Audiology. They are fellows of the American Academy of Audiology, certified by the American Speech Language-Hearing Association and licensed by the State of California. This expertise, coupled with access to the most technologically advanced diagnostic tools and hearing aids, ensures that our patients receive the finest hearing care available.

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Physicians Hearing Services

The audiology and speech professionals, and staff of each service within the group, represent one of the finest collections of talent and training available in California. Each of us brings unique skills and expertise to patient care, but we all share a dedication to quality care and patient satisfaction.

Speech & Language Pathology

Central California Ear, Nose & Throat Medical Group is dedicated to providing speech-language pathology services to people with communication and swallowing difficulties. Our licensed and trained speech-language pathologists offer a full range of services to include

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